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"2011 European Mobile Trends"

Hosted by: Thomas Husson, Senior Analyst

When: Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 11 a.m. CET

Duration: 1 hour

Almost 40% of the Western European adult population shows sophisticated mobile usage; this represents a whopping 131 million customers with whom firms can engage.

Forrester's complimentary webinar on March 10, 2011 will dig deeper into Forrester's new predictive report "2011 European Mobile Trends" and will help you build a mobile strategy that capitalizes on today's opportunities while anticipating the significant changes that will happen in the coming years.

In this exclusive webinar, Forrester Senior Analyst Thomas Husson, author of the report, will:

  • Provide insight into the new 2011 mobile trends shaping the European market.
  • Showcase how other global leaders are capitalizing on these mobile trends.
  • Share how you can plan and optimize your mobile strategy to improve ROI.

We are sorry you missed the live session of this webinar. To download a copy of the recorded session, please visit us here.




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